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spice-for-life-charity-logo.jpg What could be more important than making our world a better place by promoting education?

Throughout the world, many people, especially children, lack the resources required to gain access to basic learning opportunities. Here at SpiceBox we have committed ourselves over the years to helping underprivileged children. For almost a decade we have done our part locally by collaborating with a Rotary program to supply books to children in elementary schools.

Now, through the Spice for Life Foundation, formally incorporated in 2012, we are taking the next step in our mission to provide children with much-needed educational materials. We have designed a backpack full of school supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, etc.) to distribute to children in North America, and elsewhere in the world, where help is most needed. We have established an initial goal to produce and distribute at least 5,000 backpacks before the 2013–2014 school year begins.

And here's where you come in... Aside from our own endeavor, Spicebox will match every online retail purchase, with a donation for a child in need.  This means for every activity kit purchased through our website, we will donate another backpack filled with school supplies, providing a platform for children to focus on their education, rather than their circumstances.

We are happy to offer our assistance, whether it is needed locally or across the globe, as we strive to fulfill our corporate mission: “As we grow, so will our involvement.”

If you know of a community, team, class or anyone in need who could use our help, please fill out the form below. Kindly provide us with as much detail as possible about the situation, and the name and phone number of someone we can reach to discuss any further details.

Also, we encourage others, such as our customers, suppliers and friends, to join us in this worthwhile venture. If you are interested in taking part and sponsoring this program, please contact Ben Lotfi at 604-272-2620 (ext. 228) or