Our Promise.

Spicebox is dedicated to producing high quality activity kits, innovative children's books, stationery and premium gift sets for kids and adults.  We believe in transparency, with an open box policy to reveal the value within our products.  We are proud of what we create, and hope that you enjoy using and gifting our products as much as we love creating them.  

Award winning
kits for kids!

From arts and crafts, to puzzles and games, Spicebox has the perfect activity kit to put a smile on any kid's face! Take a look at our award winning activity kits for kids, designed to inspire and entertain, while preserving a tangible environment for imagination to flourish.

Discover the joys
of creativity!

Whether you’re 6 or 96 years old, there is never a better time to use your imagination and learn something new. We’ve chosen projects and activities that will ignite a bright spark of creativity in anyone who opens a SpiceBox kit.

Children’s books
that inspire!

Give your child a head start to their education with fun, colorful books that will leave them eager for the next lesson. With humor and playfulness, these books teach colors, numbers and letters in an engaging and interactive way.

What our customers are saying!

  • I ordered and received Fat Fuzzies Pipe Cleaner Crafts. I was a little shocked and very pleasantly pleased by how well this product is made!! It is in a well constructed, sturdy box… and it comes with a fairly thick book with instruction and pictures on how to make different pipe cleaner crafts, from flowers, to bugs to vegetables and fruit to people and animals. And there is a large assortment of pipe cleaners in all sizes and shapes along with little eyes to complete your projects. The box folds up with everything intact after you have finished with it and snaps shut for storage. Well worth the money, and I would highly recommend this to anyone, especially moms and us grandmothers who love to keep our little ones occupied.

    Pam Reddecopp, Abbotsford, BC
  • I have always loved drawing ever since I was little, so last Christmas I received one of your deluxe sketching kits. It is definitely one of the best drawing kits I have ever owned, and there are many great things to be said about it. The paper in the sketchpad is a decent size and unlike most other drawing paper I have had, this paper does not smear. I also enjoyed the variety of pencils, which were very useful in art classes and for practicing at home. The guidebook was very helpful as well. It helped me to learn new techniques and improve on old ones. I really enjoy drawing and with this excellent and organized kit, I have been able to improve my skills and enjoy sketching even more. I have absolutely no complaints about this product, and I hope you continue to produce more of these wonderful kits.

    Lindsay Lavich, Howell, MI