SpiceBox Product Development is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler that specializes in creating high-quality activity kits, arts and crafts kits, books and puzzles, notebooks and stationery sets, and beautifully designed gift sets. Our products are designed to inspire joy and ignite the imagination of children, youth and adults around the world. Located in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, we have over 10,000 customers worldwide spanning over 10 countries.


Over 25 years ago, our founder and CEO began selling books door to door, business to business, all from his mobile office – his car! One day a little girl was handed a popular friendship bracelet book, and in confusion she asked her mother, “but it doesn’t come with any string?” and from the simple insight of a child, SpiceBox was born as we began to source materials to sell along with detailed instruction books in clever, durable and exceptional packaging, all designed to inspire, educate and entertain. To this day, our Friendship Bracelet title is still the most popular kit in our product offering!


At SpiceBox, we develop and design each product in-house and bring it to life with the spirit of imagination and play. We believe in transparency, with an “open box” policy to reveal the value within each of our products. Our attention to detail, from the book editorial and photography to the rigorous quality assurance and testing standards, is what sets us apart. We are confident that once you touch and feel a SpiceBox kit, you will truly understand the heart, enthusiasm and excitement behind the creation of our products.


We love what we do, and our people are the heartbeat of our success. We foster a workplace of creativity and fun, loyalty and respect, and most of all care for one another, our customers and suppliers. We also take great pride in giving back to the communities in which we live and do business. Our Spice for Life Foundation was established to donate basic school supplies to underprivileged communities, helping give children a lift up to education and learning.


We stand behind what we do and are proud of what we create. We hope that you enjoy using and gifting our products as much as we love making them!