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From arts and crafts, to puzzles and games, Spicebox has the perfect activity kit to put a smile on any kid's face! Take a look at our award winning activity kits for kids, designed to inspire and entertain, while preserving a tangible environment for imagination to flourish.

  • Art Kits
  • Painting Kits
  • Drawing Kits
  • Rock Painting
  • Magic Kits
  • Practical Jokes
  • Face Painting
  • Folded Origami


Have you ever wanted to unleash your inner artist, but just didn’t know where to begin? Our introductory art kits give you the supplies and tools you need to get started with techniques like watercolors, pastels and oil painting. Accompanying books give you clear, step-by-step instructions that make the skills quick and easy to learn. Don’t be intimidated any longer, try one of these beautiful mediums and discover the joy of creating art!

  • Watercolor Kits
  • Drawing Kits
  • Beading Kit
  • Calligraphy Kit
  • Acrylic Paint Kit
  • Chinese Brush Kit
  • Pastels Kits
  • Oil Painting Kits


Give your child a head start to their education with fun, colorful books that will leave them eager for the next lesson. With humor and playfulness, these books teach colors, numbers and letters in an engaging and interactive way.

  • Pop Up Books
  • Interactive Stories
  • Learning Books
  • Read-Along Books
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Baby Books


Record thoughts, memories and experiences in a stylish and sturdy notebook, or keep organized by jotting reminders and lists on beautifully packaged memo blocks and notepaper. These elegant products also make wonderful all-occasion gifts.

  • Notebooks
  • Memo Pads
  • Weekly Organizers
  • Sticky Notes
  • Daily Planners
  • Stationery


In our busy lives, important memories sometimes escape us. By creating memory albums, you ensure that significant life events are captured in a beautiful and organized way. With space for photos, journal entries and keepsakes, there is a place for all your special moments.

  • Gift Set Albums
  • Memories Album
  • Keepsake Albums
  • Baby Gift Sets
  • Animal Albums
  • Birthday Albums


A child’s early years are a crucial time for learning, but let’s face it – kids just want to have fun! These engaging easy puzzles for kids are designed to keep children entertained while they improve their language abilities, learn to count, and develop skills that will give them a head start in school. High quality, large puzzle pieces are easy for small children, and they are packed in sturdy boxes.

  • Word Puzzles
  • Alphabet Games
  • Spelling Puzzles
  • Animal Puzzles
  • Early Learning
  • Counting Puzzles

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Career Opportunities

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Our Foundation

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