Kits Made With Love


What makes a SpiceBox Kit special?

1. The Feel

When we create our kits, we know that not just any packaging will do to hold all the fun and inspiration inside. Our elegant boxes are designed to be sturdy and easy to handle—and to save space wherever you store them

Good things come in

outstanding packages

Every kit is

an adventure

2. The Components

Opening a SpiceBox kit means starting on a journey of exploration—of a new skill, hobby or passion. Each item included in the box has been carefully chosen to make your experience full of delight and discovery.

3. The Creativity

Whether you’re 6 or 96 years old, there is never a better time to use your imagination and learn something new. We’ve chosen projects and activities that will ignite a bright spark of creativity in anyone who opens a SpiceBox kit.

Be creative and

have fun!

4.The Convenience

Unlike single-use packaging, our durable boxes can be used again and again to store all your tools and materials for the next time you want to use your kit. Your stash of supplies will always be organized and ready when you are!

Pack it away

for another day